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Why trim your hedges

Hedge Health

It may seem counterintuitive to cut a plant or hedge to improve it’s health but removing dead, diseased or damaged growth will stimulate new growth and help prevent the spread of plant diseases. It also deters insects from making a home in deadwood. After hedge trimming, the shrub will direct its energy into fresh new growth, contributing to the plant’s health and appearance.

Improved Privacy

If one of the reasons you planted a hedge was for privacy from neighbours and passersby, you’ll want to call in the pros for regular hedge trimming to help maintain your hedge’s density. When you prevent foliage from growing outwards, it thickens the main ‘body’ of the hedge which contributes to your privacy. A nice dense hedge also acts as an excellent windbreak allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather isn’t at it’s best.

Adds value to your home

Keeping up with the Joneses is all well and good, but when it comes time to put your house on the market, you’ll be glad of a professional hedge trimming. When a potential buyer approaches your property, you don’t want to give the impression of shabbiness and neglect, which could result in lower offers. A well maintained hedge will contribute to your home and garden’s beauty, generating more interest in your home and ultimately delivering a higher sale price.

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What our customers say

“Gordon did our very large hedge today and did an amazing job!! Fast, tidy and very efficient! He took away all the cuttings and used a blower on the small stuff. We are more than satisfied and will be using Kanata Hedges from now on!”
Elizabeth D'Angelo

“Gord did a great job on my hedges, even though it was super hot out that day! My hedges were neglected for years but he made them look great again! I hardly knew he was here, quiet operation and all cleaned up when he was done. Highly Recommended!”
I. Judge